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More About US | Artland 3D-Media Studio

front-page1Artland 3D Animation Studio founder,Samuel Hailu ,Has always had passion for 3D Animation and Special effects of CGI.Growing up,he and his Big brother Misgina Hailu Dreamed of forming Film Production.

The company aims to develop modern concepts and efficient design procedures for marketing and Multi medai .we are also working on bringing Ethiopian stories on Cinema trough animated feature films.

Why Choose Us | Artland 3D-Media Studio

  • we are committed to quality with years of experience.
  • we have the resources necessary to accomplish project.
  • we strive to remain on time and under budget.
  • we invest time and effort to keep up to date with latest technologies & practices.

Our Technology | Artland 3D-Media Studio

Technologies behind our creations  In addition to the talents of our artists, the skill of our engineers, we are using high -end equipment and softwares.We have parteners with the most modern printing houses and factories , to deliver the best gadgets and printed material even with tight deadlines , and at the best qualities.